"When I hurt, I’d hurt twice as much knowing what I shouldn’t."

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    "Ignorance is bliss; intelligence is pain."

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    The saddest thing in the world is loving someone who used to love you.


    by Kahlil Gibran

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    7546.) I give up. I’m tired of waiting and wishing.

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    she dreams a champagne dream: Because I promised.



    This one’s for you, because you asked me for it, and because you need to know without pretense or coding that you’re one of the biggest reasons why I’m writing again, and because you’re sad today.

    This is a sad poem, but it’s not about you for once. I’m hoping that’ll cheer you up just a…

    Hi; I hope you won’t think I’m intruding on your personal matters, but I just wanted to say thank you for posting this poem; it turned out to be something extremely miraculous for me.

    Over the weekend I started a novena to Saint Therese, “the Little Flower.” Supposedly if you pray to her for nine straight days, somewhere between the fourth and ninth days you will receive a sign that your prayer will be answered—either in the form of an actual rose, or a picture of a rose, the scent of roses (even if there are no real roses present), etc.

    This morning before school, I had some extra time, so I decided to turn the computer on and go online—which I normally never do. Then I decided to check Tumblr, so I was scrolling through my Dashboard when I saw your poem. I read it, but it wasn’t until after I’d turned the computer off that it suddenly hit me—it was a rose.

    Today was the fourth day of my novena to Saint Therese.

    So thanks so much for posting this again; I hope it made the person you wrote it for just as happy as it made me. ♥

    Hi BBEIC and Mama of BBEIC. I liked this post because of the poem and the reply. I also had a St. Therese of Lisieux (my favorite saint!!!) miracle when I had dengue fever 2003. When I was in the hospital, my dad’s friend gave me a teddy bear holding a fake rose (I didn’t realize it was THE ROSE until a little later). Well, I never got to recover that rose. Disappeared. Anyway, I love this miracle of yours!!! :)

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    "Respect and release."

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    Through perspective, this situation has been shaded differently. I think I know what to do.


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    The solution is probably to build a tall, hard wall. That way, instead of misinterpreting, I won’t see you, I won’t know you, we would still get to talk with a wall between us… I’ll hear you, somehow.


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    What if I told you?


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    Self-imposed abstinence was fulfilling but poisonous.

    I kept myself from the truth, contrary to the event that caused my tragedy and downfall.

    I kept myself from seeing the taken moments of happiness, which would be the cause of my negative craziness.

    I avoided seeing these distractions for five days of school.

    It was somehow peaceful… But I knew that there was something there that would shake me. I did not look. I stopped people when they tried to update me.

    I faced the moment of truth in a place aside from my own abode… And it was actually a good decision to have people around me. I did not go into the deepest depths of truth… I just saw things a little deeper than face value.

    I had outbursts, but outbursts amidst people. It was kind of healthier to outburst with people I trust because outbursting by myself, I realized, made me too free and too affected.

    Right now, I feel like continuing my abstinence in some way. I have to face it, but at the same time, I don’t need to face it every day. I need self-control, also for my schoolwork.

    I think my heart is getting number and number from everything. I think God did this to me to mold my heart into a much more solid shape. I feel like this was all training. But I don’t know how this is even going to continue.

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    7410.) I want to get over him, because I know that he’s over me. I know all this, yet I continue to just annoy him and text him everyday, because I have convinced myself that he still loves me and is just saying those things to help me get over him. I worry that I’ll end up pushing him further away, but I just can’t help myself. I still love him, and I have no idea why.

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    7411.) I checked every single text she sent me the day before I confessed my feelings to her. I read them all again tonight. They were so full of happiness. She was saying how she missed me because we hadn’t seen each other for a while. And the day after I told her I liked her, everything changed. Now she barely sends me texts and she never calls. I regret it. I shouldn’t have told her that I liked her. She keeps saying that I didn’t screw up our friendship, but it’s a lie. I did. She used to be my best friend. Now I don’t know what we are. I wish I could go back in time.

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    Forget Single Awareness Day. Forget wanting to have a “Valentine.” Celebrate Emotional Independence Day.

    He once opened up to me about wanting a significant other. Someone to lean on, someone to be with.

    Through all this stupidity, through all the hopeless waiting, I endured with strength. I kept standing against pain.

    I want you readers to realize that on a day when we celebrate love, we celebrate love for one’s self. We celebrate how much importance we give ourselves that we are willing to endure the pain and still be sane.

    Tomorrow, I won’t be emo by remembering how single I am. I won’t dwell on the fact that I’ve been waiting for around eight months. I won’t be depressed because of what happened lately.

    I’m going to be happy because I was strong enough to love like this and endure like this. I’m going to celebrate Emotional Independence because we don’t all need someone so badly that we wouldn’t live without a significant other. Our emotions support us, but they can break us if we don’t know how to control them.

    Be independent, emotionally.

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    I hate being the one who has to wait. I hate being the one who’s always expecting something great to happen. I hate that I always assume. I hate how good I am with finding out things, only to find out things that would depress me.


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