"Going through so much rain makes me excited to see the rainbow."

    — Tragedies can only affect me half as much when I look forward to the bliss that comes after.

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    Have I been painting you in my mind with colors and strokes of my preference?


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    The definition of my standing in your life dawned on me in our night.

    I’ve been waiting to make this post with many insights in my mind. Now that I’m here, I’m at a little loss and I’m grasping for those planned words. Probably because “Rolling in the Deep” is playing. Switched to the more appropriate “Chasing Pavements.”

    Many, many, many revelations last night. It was kind of rushed because really, one hour isn’t enough… 

    But I felt that our conversation defined where I am with you right now… at least for me. What we talked about means something else to you — it was about telling me something you’ve never told other people. I just…

    Knowing how far you’ve gone, I… Well, I wasn’t devastated. It’s still because of who that person is. At least I wasn’t devastated.

    I didn’t really feel anything negative.

    But… The conversation defined us because I suddenly felt where I stand now. Is it because I was hoping for something?

    …Ah, it’s probably because a question deep inside was answered.

    A question deep inside, that one question I wanted answered yet forgot because I knew it would never be answered directly. I could only make inferences. I just realized… It’s really as if you just told me the answer.

    I feel like… a burden has been taken from me. I heard a voice in my head, something like, “I’m such a good friend.” I believe…

    You know what? I think one ingredient in the infatuation, that part when even if you voluntarily want to stop having so much affection for somebody, there’s something that still pulls you toward that person?

    I feel like that unknown force deep inside vanished. I feel as though it’s voluntary now, because I still want it. Actually, because I probably think it’s such a waste. What could be but isn’t.

    Maybe it was because I was waiting for something really bad to happen, and that doesn’t make me such a good person. But I was still planning to be a good friend. Yet at this point, it just so happened that something bad is less likely to happen. Disappointment?

    I don’t know… I feel a little blank or… I feel a little comfortable now with you? Since we are already this close…

    (Yet when I entered the place I first met you that morning, I couldn’t help but smile.)

    …Am I fooling you? Am I putting up a false act?

    But my intentions are to keep you from getting hurt. I could just tell you everything so I’d be at ease, yet I’d risk losing you, too.

    (Do I feel that something has been lifted from me because, in your very words, you also said that you didn’t want to lose that person, the same way I could’ve said it to you?)

    …I might have just found the term. I kind of feel at ease. Something’s gone. As if healed from a sickness.

    But, with all honesty to myself, deep inside I still want to be with you. I’m hanging onto this friendship in an almost wrong way, but something is already correcting me and putting me at ease. 

    Life goes on.

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    "That person can continue to live thinking that he can tell me anything since I’m a close friend, or he can discover all the truths and lose his best confidante. My actions can change him completely."

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    "Last night was a pair of scissors that cut one of my strings attached to you but I’m still trying to paint the picture of last night… I might be in denial or it may be sinking in very slowly."

    — Posted before I forget to make any sign of my state.

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    Then it is impossible to look into your subconscious.


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    Why am I so obsessed with you?

    You. I hate you (given this situation only).

    You just don’t… you just don’t do that.

    You just added a big big big point to why I shouldn’t ___…

    When you do something I dislike so much like what you just did, you become such a bad person in my eyes. Such a jerk. You just don’t do that to me.

    I start questioning myself. How can I even have feelings for you?

    That was really, really rude. That was just wrong. 

    Should I even tell you how annoyed I am one day? It’s going to be awkward, you’re going to feel so weird. It’s not that I would force you to do something you don’t want to do, but you don’t just change the schedule when everything is already set!

    The more I shouldn’t ____…

    The more I really shouldn’t. In fact, it was that ___ time of last year when suddenly, every single day, I would have a problem with you.

    What on earth?

    How can you have the nerve? How can you just suddenly change it? Are you just that stupid?

    And do you think asking “Is that okay?” is going to make me tell you, “No, it’s not okay,”…?

    And to think that if you knew about the truth behind me, you’d turn so conceited about it.

    So… Wow. That’s just great, thanks a lot.

    Thanks a freaking lot. What have you ever given me in return? Friendship isn’t an equivalent exchange, but this is just annoying.

    (I need to find more friends, fast.) 

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    So, what’s up?

    A certain project

    Since I stopped being a class president in first year, I stopped stepping up. I stopped being in charge. So, from being used to being the leader, I stepped down, to being used to avoiding the leadership.

    Then yet again there was no other choice but for me to lead.

    I was really pressured before my group met up, but when we did, I was relieved. It was just because I felt that I was so responsible and that people would look to me and I would have nothing to say.

    But they just kept talking. I’m glad I’m with idealistic people.

    Class secretary

    Even if I haven’t given the class directory that’s been long overdue, I still do my best anyway. I should fix our calendar, though… I’m still the same kind of person who doesn’t want to be judged, so I have to fix all my tasks…

    Still the president of an independent amateur choir

    We have a plan. I arranged the whole medley though it doesn’t have much blending. We need to practice, though. We will perform this. I’ve been passionate (my seatmate called me obsessed) over this performance, and I hope that this will really be a success.

    Wrote an opinion column released four days ago

    I just felt more iffy every single time I reread it. But I felt better when people gave me positive comments. But it hasn’t been read by “dangerous” people yet. Deep inside I’m just scared. But I’ve been told that “as long as I can stand up to my own opinions and what I write”, I should really be fine.

    Struggling to kill expectations

    When I know something good will happen to me, I overthink. I overthink really often. And when it’s something like that, goodness. I’m expecting so many good things to happen and I’m fantasizing and I need to stop. I’m just going to get disappointed and feel heartache.

    ACET this Saturday

    I’m sorry but I didn’t care at first, until my plans for that day ended up having something my mom would consider a distraction from ACET’s end until the end of a night musical. That’s around 10 hours. So I decided to really study just so that my mother wouldn’t tell me that I got distracted. Wrong motive? Without it, I might not try as hard. They don’t offer Accountancy courses anyway (I really should have written Management Engineering first).

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    "Not being made of glass doesn’t make it excusable for heartache to break me multiple times."

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    I still react the same way.

    Maybe on a different degree. Maybe not as much. But I haven’t been subtly startled like that in some time. Most probably because I was so secure.

    I can just be so insecure. Security is so important to me. Security is linked tp control. I just need to be in control with at least myself.

    I have no desire to control other people, but it might be a domino effect from wanting to control what happens to me, yet at times I let Fate decide.

    I felt it a while ago yet I can’t completely describe it as I try to recall. I would describe it as ache, but it was more of a surprise. Something unexpected? 

    Definitely a sign of insecurity.

    I think of consequences right after something bad happens to me too often. Come to think of it, do I also overthink when good things happen to me?

    What if you drift again since the number of your acquaintances increased yet again? What I’m really just here when no one is left?

    If I did the same to you… No. We’re different. You probably won’t react the same way. No, you won’t.

    Emotions can be so unpredictable even when you think you know yourself too much already.

    At least, with regard to the people involved, Ive been able to try acting normally.

    You don’t even have to be the direct cause of my being startled. It can be as bad when it’s just initiated by other people (like just now). But everything is still directly linked to you.

    It’s because you’re the only one.

    Just watch me find more people to be with and I might just overcome these reactions… in the future… if I actually wanted to.

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    I haven’t felt this kind of bitterness in a long time.

    I’ve even gotten goosebumps.

    It’s a form of sadness that pushes me into the pursuit of finding out: who, why, how.

    I still feel these things.

    And I’m turned into selos mode.

    It isn’t heartache… A little heartbroken? Not really a crack.

    It’s probably when I don’t know something that I get somehow hurt.

    This hurt, or this sadness, it seems like an emotion without depth. 

    I might be a control freak and I might be manipulative, but I don’t want to lose this grip.

    Necesito evitarte mucho.  

    Seeing you with other people just hits me. I’m supposed to hold that big space, yet I feel like that space has been taken away from me.

    It’s as if I always need to know. 

    It’s really funny how I’m more affected with this compared to… that. Illogical.

    I just…

    Don’t want anyone like me to get that near to you.

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    I hate you. (Parent-sensitive readers… Don’t read.)

    How dare you throw away my first Chatime cup.

    How dare you do anything. How dare you even breathe.

    I loathe every single drop of saliva that sticks to my cheek when you traditionally show affection and I hate, hate, hate that custom so much. I only return it to be customary. I hate it so much.

    You go against all my principles and you are the epitome of the male species with whom I would never interact.

    And yet I told you that I loved you on my 17th birthday and you still fucking tell me that I don’t love you and I shed so many tears and I told you I wanted you to a better person ‘cause you’re fucking rotten.

    Don’t use health as an excuse ‘cause that makes you so weak then in all other aspects. If I had a health condition (yes, I know I cannot say much, I know I have no right since I don’t actually go through what they experience, but I can still feel), I would use it as a source of strength to accept whatever comes. I’d actually appreciate the extra care given to me.

    If you can’t be a doctor, why not be someone else?

    If I couldn’t work, I’d take up Music and be a conductor. If I couldn’t leave my house, I would stay at home making crafts or sewing. If I couldn’t move, I’d still do something. 

    You possess no honor at all. 

    I would commit suicide if I end up like my mother, ending up loving someone like you, ending up marrying someone like you, rotting with you.

    When have you been like a father to me? Just when I was a kid?

    When have you been able to protect me even if I did not need it?

    When have you been able to provide financial — provide anything?

    You consume everything else more than I do. Sometimes, I have to eat unhealthful things just so that you would lose the opportunity to consume them. You take away many of my things, and think that you can replace them when in fact it’s the very act you do and my sentimental value for the object and not the very material thing that matter.

    They say that it will all come back to you. Every second spent with both of us alive, I understand that my hatred would pierce into his soul, yet he is alive. It may just be like a dramatic ending — I might just one day be good enough to accept everything.

    But let me be.

    I can’t be perfect. I’ve gathered enough confidence myself already. I can sing solo, I can sing in a choir, I can write (in certain styles), I get high grades, I can report, I can (can) be friendly, I understand good morals…

    Everyone has flaws. There are people who may be entirely good, yet they don’t realize their flaws.

    The meaning of my words would never get to you. You never understood the gravity of my feelings. You would smile, laugh, brush them off with pride. It makes me more irritated.

    You complain that I don’t share stories with you? What did you do in the past whenever I would share stories? You would always say something negative!

    You only have yourself to blame! 

    You make promises yet you end up breaking them. I would want to record your promises so I could rub them into your face.

    You don’t deserve to see the fruits of my labor. You don’t deserve to see me perform. What have you done?

    You see, I would call you useless. I would be cruel.

    I am a cruel, horrible, daughter of a father. Just one time, one time, I saw you haggle and I saw little good in you. Years ago.

    I need you when I need my cellphone repaired, or something is wrong with the technology in the house, or when I need a companion in going somewhere (but I avoid it the most).

    You can’t blame me.

    And I refuse to be the one to have to make extra efforts.

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    "Whatever. In the future, I am going to have a hotter and better boyfriend! THAN YOURS!"

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    I’m not an actress. Now, I need to rehearse for my part so my true self will be hidden.

    It was always okay when our communication wasn’t personal. All those shocking events you shared to me? I was screaming in my seat.

    How am I supposed to act when you tell me this supposedly climactic story of yours? I can really guess! I can tell what it probably is, and I don’t think it will get worse than that!

    I picture the moment that you tell me.

    I don’t know how I’ll be able to stand it. I don’t know if I will. I don’t know how to contain it if I let out the smallest reaction that shows my true reaction.

    But I have to stand it. I need to contain my reaction. I need to really act, to really pretend. I really have to.

    It makes me ask myself why I still hide all of this. I could have said the truth in a playful as if it doesn’t matter (but it really matters).

    I still care and I still love because when I love anybody, it overflows. Under this stern veneer, I could care for a person so much.

    Is it really just because I don’t want you to hurt?

    Or is it because I don’t want to hurt?

    Is it because I’ve gone through enough heartache, that it would be throwing those aches away if I told you?

    Your situation now. I really, really, really can’t tell you. I shouldn’t. It’s going to ruin your life. It’s too late. The timeworn truth could have been your good news back then, when ironically we weren’t as close as we are now. Now that we are on this degree, this would be bad news. This can destroy.

    I’m sure that I was at least almost over this last summer. Or was I escaping the problem instead of conquering it? It came back. I just suddenly felt that… I wanted it back.

    And I had no idea at all what would happen, of course. You just have no idea.

    Parts of your life… They aren’t merely your story. They’re part of mine, too, and you have no idea at all.

    I need to stop fantasizing that what I see and don’t like now is just temporary, and that it will “get better [for me].” It is good that I have been living in the present, but my mind needs to stop fabricating figments of my future.

    The things you tell me… They aren’t just your stories. They are ingredients to my emotions. 

    You say that you have been put into a complicated situation. Do you know how it feels to need to change your very personality and attitude? Do you even know how I do it? Neither do I!

    I’ve become very numb. I could even be blind. I could be ignorant. But I am sure that there are many walls around my heart. 

    This experience, I have been telling myself that it made me strong. But the next happening, it’s making me numb.

    I am numb because I may not know what I feel, but I know what I am supposed to feel. I think about what I should feel, yet it seems to hard to discover what is really being felt.

    I become happy at certain times but I shouldn’t because I am just misleading myself. This is like precision vs. accuracy. All close together but far from what I may desire.

    When can I just move on? This can go on for years. It really can. But that wouldn’t be so pleasant. It will be reaching 2 years in some months.

    Freedom from the very chains I placed on myself. How would I have known that always finding out the answers to what I asked… can be dangerous for my heart?

    I’ve come back to thinking about you on my car ride back home. And it needs to stop.

    …You are my friend. If not, all of this could just be all right. I could just ignore it all. I could forget I care.

    Will I break down one day? Will I ever tell you the truth? Or will you do something that would trigger me to tell you everything? It’s not something you can just brush off. It’s serious… for me at least. If I really told you everything.

    I live in the present so that I wouldn’t predict the pain of tomorrow.

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    "When I sing “Enchanted” (Taylor Swift) to myself, I will be singing, “You are so in love with someone else.”"

    — We could have been listening to the same song, dedicating it to one another.

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