I haven’t been caught for almost a decade. But I keep on forgetting that keeping that record doesn’t mean the record is going to go on forever. (Don’t read if you know me personally.)

I can make you an essay on why I shouldn’t be doing this. I can get a high grade in that essay. I can come up with a thousand reasons on why I shouldn’t be doing this based on my knowledge and education, even more reasons than what I can come up with on why I am¬†doing this.

No, I haven’t told people. I don’t even know why I’m posting about it here. Maybe it’s because of another emotional fountain I’m feeling.

I was nearly caught… No. Not “nearly caught.” Actually, I was semi-caught. Caught partially? Not caught for it 100% but I was almost caught and at the same time, it was there.

I’m a liar. I lie to cover up the things that I accidentally show. I can actually make a criminal if not for my tendency to do good or reluctance from breaking the rules.¬†

There is that part of me. People don’t really know me, and I hope that people seriously won’t know me that way… ever.

This is something I will always cover up. Yes, I have been quite caught before. Guess what. I totally covered it up. I was a child. It was okay for me to be strange. With this mind of mine, I fabricated a complete story. It worked. It worked so much that I hope they won’t remember this ever again.

I must be lucky. I could have been caught in much worse situations. I could have been really caught. But this is still t the same time a stroke of misfortune if I got caught.

When I get out, I’m going to be normal as usual. I have all my lies backed-up already. I think I’m going to sound like ll my excuses are ready.

This is the one big dark spot keeping me from being flawless in a sense that the general public would prefer. I would be judged, my image would change completely.

Only something like a stupid blog post like this would give it away.